Expedited National Distribution of Your POP Materials

KDM POP Distribution

KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group completes the supply chain with distribution options that will get it there on time and on budget. Our headquarters and main production and fulfillment facilities are centrally located in the Midwest in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have additional full-service print production and fulfillment locations in Nashville, Atlanta and Cleveland.

Would you agree that shipping costs have become one of the biggest expenses most companies face? How would you like to get it there faster without the associated expense? We can reach 56% of the U.S. population in one transit day via UPS ground.

  • Shipping can be as much as 15% of the cost of the project. That adds up!
  • We can expedite kitting and transit time by shipping from our network locations
  • Overs can be held at these locations for faster response if needed

Intelligent Tracking with QR (Quick Response) Codes

We understand the potential sales dollars lost if your POP materials or brand promotional products do not reach the intended store location, or not displayed properly at the retail level.

We are able to generate a unique QR code on your packing slip that contains the order details and contents. You will know immediately which locations have confirmed receipt and validated the kit contents. Not several days, or even weeks later. No wonder it is called Quick Response!

How to Reach the Millennials!

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