An Ease of Doing Business That Comes From a Simplified Supply Chain

One stop shop. All under one roof. Comprehensive. End-to End Solutions. You get the idea!

We've built KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group with the commitment to provide our customers an ease of doing business by providing more services from one provider. Every investment and acquisition is a reflection of our commitment to offer you a simplified supply chain for your point-of-purchase needs - which ultimately saves you time and money.

  • Point-of-Purchase Printing covering 7 print methods
  • Retail Environments including store decor and custom millwork of store fixtures
  • Merchandising Displays from temporary to permanent
  • Branded Promotional Products
  • Online Ordering technology makes ordering, re-ordering and tracking easier
  • Fullfilment, national distribution and on-site warehousing
  • The convenience of one location for your press checks
  • Certified G7 Master Printer assures color consistency throughout a campaign
  • Meeting your deadlines with multiple presses and in-house finishing
  • Custom design services- one size does not fit all
  • Wider geographical footprint with production facilities in Cincinnati, Nashville, Atlanta and Cleveland
  • Our team approach to customer service provides a better experience


"We really appreciate the versatility of the different presses, equipment and capabilities that KDM has to offer. We can single-source our programs and get the best price on each element in the campaign. KDM is competitive on the whole package."
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