KDM Presses Spark Big Shift from Analog to Digital

August 12, 2016

KDM's President, Bob Kissel, with Dan Kimmerly, Graphics Director

KDM's President, Bob Kissel, with Dan Kimmerly, Graphics Director

[CASE STUDY] We’re excited to share this new Case Study with you! It’s compiled by EFI regarding the impact of KDM's fleet of EFI VUTEk HS100 Pro large-format digital presses.

“EFI VUTEk presses spark massive shift from analog to digital for KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group”

Three’s a Charm!

KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group is the first company with three of the VUTEk HS100 Pros. And here’s why...

We wanted it all! We wanted technology that could deliver high quality, fast throughput, long-lasting print heads, and the ability to support both rigid and roll substrates. After looking at a variety of other new digital press options, Bob Kissel, President at KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group, had this to say “We saw that the VUTEk HS100 Pro could offer a combination of quality and speed to market that will allow us to better serve our retail customers’ need for short-, medium-, and even long-run digital printing.”

The presses have been game changers at our headquarters and main print production facility in Cincinnati. The bonus attributes of the HS100’s are:

  • Expanded color gamut with the ability to hit tough Pantone colors
  • Single-pass opaque white ink
  • Excellent ink performance under stress- such as heat bending
  • Flexibility and controlled ink gloss levels

Dan Kimmerly, Graphics Director at KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group, concluded, “The impact of the EFI VUTEk HS100 Pro printers on our business has been phenomenal. I expect the shift of work from screen and offset to digital to continue, and we are experiencing dynamic growth.”