What it Takes to Design a Winning In-Store POP Display

Posted Tuesday, October 03, 2017

2017 DOT Best of Times Winner: Walmart WOW Rogue One display
2017 DOT Best of Times Winner: Walmart WOW Rogue One display

Innovative and creative Brand Marketers, P.O.P Designers and Manufacturers prepared their most impressive in-store marketing activations and merchandise display entries for the 2017 Design of the Times (DOT) Awards Competition. This contest has been a retail industry tradition for more than 20 years.

A panel of over 50 consumer brand marketers and retail professionals gathered in July to judge 100's of entries across 13 retail channels to determine the finalists. The judging for the DOT Competition is based on how well the display achieved its objective at the point-of-purchase and how well it executed these four attributes:

4 C’s of Effective In-Store Activation

  1. COMMAND ATTENTION ~ the first impression matters the most
  2. CONNECT WITH THE SHOPPER ~ through imagery or familiarity
  3. CONVEY INFORMATION ~ tell a (short) story
  4. CLOSE THE SALE ~ urge shoppers to buy now

The judging is further explained in this chart from the DOT Award site:

4 C's of Effective Display Design


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7 Expert Tips for Creating Winning Retail Displays

Posted Friday, April 14, 2017

KDM Coca-Cola counter display
KDM Coca-Cola counter display

“Shoppers’ attention spans last only a few seconds, so retailers have a split second to capture their interest and engage them.” – Kris Konrath, Director of Marketing at Convergent

Whether you like it or not, appearances matter a lot in the world of retail and CPGs. The look and feel of your products, and the way they’re displayed, can directly affect the purchase decisions consumers make.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to invest in the creation and execution of your retail displays. You won’t get a lot of opportunities to engage shoppers in-store, so you want to ensure that your brand makes an impression. If your company is having issues with designing or implementing retail displays, this article may help.

Here are 7 Expert-Backed Tips on Creating & Executing Retail Displays that POP

Choose colors and shapes wisely

The rules for designing displays aren’t set in stone; every program is different. But, there are

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11 POP Merchandise Display Design Strategies

Posted Tuesday, September 20, 2016

KDM: Merchandise Display Concept for Beverage Segment
KDM: Merchandise Display Concept for Beverage Segment

[in other words: How to Design your Displays to Move your Products into the Shopping Cart]

The physical store remains the most critical touchpoint to reach and influence consumers to buy products, with 76% to 82% of retail sales taking place in-store (depending on retail segment) according to POPAI (now Shop!).  The global spend on in-store POP Marketing Materials is $20 Billion, which results in over $3 Trillion in spend by consumers. A recent Path to Purchase POP Trends Survey revealed that a typical sales lift from a temporary POP display initiative is 24%. That’s not only important information for Brand Marketers, it’s impressive.

Effective POP merchandising displays are more important now than ever for Consumer Brands to cut through the clutter, break the visual barrier, create an impression, and drive sales in these last 7 seconds. We have compiled 11 design strategies that we believe to be the best practices when designing your displays to assure that your product

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Private Label’s Role in Meeting Consumer’s Demands

Posted Friday, September 11, 2015

Cost-savings, improved quality and product innovation are among the top reasons shoppers fill their carts with private label CPG brands. Private labels have come a long way since their plain, generic looking inception. During the recession in 2008-09, many loyal, national brand consumers took notice of the private label brands found in the store aisles and were willing to try them for the first time simply because they cost less. (On average, private label brands cost 28% less.) They were surprised to find that these products were just as good as, or even better, than the brand they had been loyal to for all those years. “Even now when consumers feel that the economy is improving, 42% of consumers tell us they buy more private label or store brands than they used to... across all income levels, said Susan Viamari, VP of thought leadership for IRI.

Today, private labels are enhancing their existing lines and introducing new product selections, many of them of a healthy nature, across multiple

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Best Practices in the World of 3-D POP Displays | PART 2

Posted Friday, September 04, 2015

Part 2 of 2 [Production Phase]

Designing and producing an effective retail merchandising display has its challenges for sure. The obvious ones include making sure the display is structurally sound; that it will withstand the rigors of store traffic and be able to hold the product its intended to display. This has a dramatic effect on how well the display does its job at increasing sales lift. In Part 1 of this 2 part article we emphasized how important the extra time spent in the Design Phase is… double and triple checking the engineering with whiteboards and prototypes.

In Part 2 we’ll take you through the print production and assembly process and share best practices in the workflow and the importance of quality control procedures along the way…



Now that the specifications for the national beverage manufacturer’s treasure chest display have been finalized, the project is estimated and

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