Healthy UV Printing

Posted Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Screen-printing was one of the earliest adopters of UV inks. Having been a screen-printer for 38 years- we are way ahead of the Green Scene, making great strides in being both environmentally and employee safety conscious. Add to that, economically efficient. The UV inks we currently use at KDM for offset and large format digital UV printing, in addition to screen-printing, provide these beneficial characteristics:

  • 100% solids and non-toxic once cured
  • emit almost no VOCs
  • use less energy to cure compared to solvent-based inks
  • optimized to print on faster printing presses
  • stable printing- allowing us to reach optimal color
  • reproduction faster and more consistantly

Ink is a small part of the overall finished print. There is more to be gained by using sustainable substrates. Contact us for information on recyclable, reusable, renewable, or biodegradable substrate options.

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